There are endless videos offering golf swing tips and I’d like to share the ones that are helping my game…

A lot of golf tips talk about wrist position, keeping your hands forwards in your impact position and compressing the ball. Some people respond well to this direction. Others can over-do it, putting themselves in a Dustin Johnson wrist position that can result in an average golfer topping or hooking the ball.

Just because it works for Dustin, doesn’t mean it will work for you Credit: Getty Images

I am an advocate of the “Feel to Real” approach of rehearsing an exaggerated move or position, knowing that this translates to a more subtle effect in your real swing. I found this tip very helpful, resulting in more de-lofting of the clubface and increased distance, without worrying too much about wrist position at the top and it all flows from this drill. Your body is incredible at readjusting itself and finding balance even when you aren’t aware of it, and tips like these really help in keeping things simple by giving a target “feel” for your golf swing.

Credit to ClubFace UK, find him on YouTube or TikTok

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